Hughes Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri.

Updated May 16, 2006

The Hughes Cemetery is a roughly one-acre plot set aside formally by Hiram "High" Hughes from what was at the time his farm, to be a cemetery open to all. Certainly, the spot was used as a de facto cemetery before that, though; the first burial noted to date was in 1859, before Hiram had migrated to the area and certainly before he first bought land in this area in 1886. The cemetery is located in Section 12, Township 66, Range 26 of Harrison County, one-half mile west of the Mercer-Harrison county line, about 8 miles north of Cainsville, Missouri.

Although the cemetery is located within Harrison County, it can no longer be reached directly from there, as the old road has not been used in far too many years. It can now only be reached from Mercer county, via the road that goes past the old Hiram Hughes farm (now owned by Mike Campbell, a close friend of the family).

Despite the "Hughes Cemetery" name, only three Hughes' are buried there. Hiram and his wife, Sarah Ann (McDonald), are buried with the only "Hughes" headstone; their daughter, Mary, is buried their with her husband, James Seymour. Hiram and Sarah's son and only other child, John Wesley Hughes, is buried with his wife, Etta, in Freedom Cemetery, near Saline, Missouri. Some of the ashes of a fourth Hughes, Wayne Walton Hughes (great-grandson of Hiram and Sarah, and father of this writer, amongst others), were scattered at the Hughes cemetery at Wayne's request; a stone has been raised in his memory where the rest were buried.

The current trustee of the cemetery is Mr. Victor Seymour (RR 1, Cainsville, Missouri 64632). He has explained that there is no official listing of the people buried in the cemetery; when his uncle, the previous trustee, asked him to take over, he had no such information to provide. The cemetery is still in active, if infrequent, use. Burials are made where there is room; there are no assigned plots and the graves are laid out in rough, rather than strict, lines. Nevertheless, the cemetery is well maintained, and readily accessed.

A partial (somewhat more than 1/3 and less than 1/2) "photographic census" was taken on August 15, 2000. The results of this have been used to supplement the information previously on hand from a fragment of a previous survey. Unfortunately, many of the very old stones are marble, rather than granite, and have become difficult to read as lichen and acidic rain have taken their toll. In at least one case, the stone was entirely unreadable at the time the photo was taken; in another the top portion of the stone was broken off, and the name, date of death, and part of the age at death is missing. In addition, Victor Seymour pointed out that a number of stones and fragments have been moved to a pile at the edge of the cemetery. Clearly, a more thorough census is still needed.

At least the following family names are represented at the Hughes Cemetery. Other names likely appear in this cemetery as well.


The list below was compiled from multiple sources:

Photos are available for many of these stones. Listings are alphabetical by family names, with the exception that wives' records are generally kept together with their husband and children. Family names in italics are not listed on the stones, but are known from other records.

Family name Given name Birth Death Comments
Axsom Alexander 1845 1897 [Husband of Anna M. Dobson] stone reads:


Dobson Anna 1845 1897 [Wife of Alexander Axsom] (stone)
Brooks Jemima S. May 15 1850 Dec 16 1877 Sons of Alfred & T E Brooks; & J. E. Slattery (stone)
Campbell Lucille V. 1925 1979 [mother of Mike Campbell, current owner of H. Hughes farm] (stone)
Campbell Rex B. 1917 1991 [father of Mike Campbell, current owner of H. Hughes farm] (stone)
Day Libby A. ? July 2, 1887 Wife of W.J. Day; died July 2, 1887
"He took thee from a world of care; In everlasting bliss to share"
Day Mary     wife of J. W. Day (stone)
Day Sylvanus Dec. 23, 188? Jan. 14, 190? Son of W.J. Day; died Jan. 14, 190?; aged 22 y. 10 m. 22 d.
Harris William M. March 1, 1849 March 9, 1928 Husband of Priscilla and father of Arnold and 8 others; buried together with Priscilla. A native, glacial stone marks their grave. (Name and dates provided by great-granddaughter, Ada Belle Foland)
Helton Priscilla Jane July 24, 1850 September 17, 1924 Wife of William and mother of Arnold and 8 others; buried together with William. A native, glacial stone marks their grave. (Name and dates provided by great-granddaughter, Ada Belle Foland)
Helton Clella R. June 17, 1887 Sep. 21, 1888 Son of J. M. Helton; died Sep. 21, 1888; 1 y. 3 m. 4 d.
Helton Elizabeth   188? dau of J. R. Helton; 11 y 3 m 3 d (stone)
Helton George W.       (stone)
Helton John R. 1887 1916 DAR (stone)
Helton Sanborn 1865 1932   (stone)
Helton Willis K. May 17. 1875 Oct. 10. 1943   (stone)
Hughes Hiram S. Dec. 14 1827 Mar. 9 1926 [Founder of the cemetery and husband of Sarah A. McDonald] stone reads:

Hiram S. Hughes
Dec. 14 1827
Mar. 9 1926

Sarah A. his wife
Jun. 10 1838
Dec. 10 1914

McDonald Sarah Ann Jun. 10 1838 Dec. 10 1914 [Wife of Hiram Hughes] stone
Hughes Wayne June 14, 1931 June 11, 2005 stone reads:

JUN 14 1931
JUN 11 2005

(Note: back of stone lists names of children.)

Kindred Elizabeth Oct 1804 Apr 26 1866 Aged 61 y 6 m (stone)
Kindred George W. Aug 1856 Mar 21 1864 17 y 7 m; Son of Wm. (stone)
Kindred Milley   Oct 10 1859 Dau of W & E Kindred; age 6 mo. [This is the oldest burial known so far.] (stone)
Kindred William 1801 Mar 16 1881 Aged 80 y (stone)
Maynard Alvin A. 1856 1902 [husband of Marion M.] (stone)
Maynard Marion M. 1861 1934 [wife of Alvin A.] (stone)
McDay? Mary A. Nov 7 1859 [buried amongst the Kindreds] (stone)
Seymore Issac March 15, 1795 Sep. 22, 1877 Aged 79[?] years [Born in Virginia; married Elizabeth Norris on Apr. 9, 1823 in Grainger Co., TN. Buried with Mary E.] (stone)
Seymore Mary E. 1802 1877 wife I. Seymore; d 1877; 75 y & 13 d (stone)
Norris Elizabeth ? March 28, 1877 Married Issac Seymour on Apr. 9, 1823 in Grainger Co., TN.
Seymour Albert L. Feb 10 1876 Sept 5, 1958 (1958 is not clear in hand-written notes)
Seymour George L. [Lark] Jan 1834 Feb 10 1877 42 y 1 m 8 d [husband of Elizabeth] (stone)
Seymour Elizabeth Jan 1831 May 26 1899 63 yrs 5 ms 26 day [wife of George C] (stone)
Seymour George L.   Nov 6, 1879 aged 15 y 11m 29 d
Seymour Harley Feb 9 1903 Feb 4 1911   (stone)
Seymour Harley B.   Aug 1 1897 aged 10 mo and 14 da
Seymour Issac E. July 4 1838 Apr 26 1961 Missouri; Sgt. 174 Casual Co; World War I (stone)
Seymour I.O. [Issac O.?] Oct 3 1850 Nov 30 1913 Father (stone)
Seymour Sarah W. Sep 4 1850   Mother "his [I.O.] wife" (stone)
Seymour James E. 1862 1953 Husband of Mary A. Hughes; stone reads

1876 - 1965
1862 - 1953
Hughes Mary A. 1876 1965 Wife of James Seymour.
Seymour Noah Una 1904 1992 Stone reads:
Seymour W. R.   Dec 19, 1871  
Weldon Thomas J. Jun. 29, 1868 Feb. 8, 1891   (stone)
Whittington Alsie 1860 1934 [wife of William] (stone)
Whittington Elmer D Feb 19 1895 Jan 11 1954 Missouri; BMGI US Navy; World War I and II (stone)
Whittington Jesse V. Feb 17 1890 March 29 1963 Missouri; CPL 88 Depot Svc Co Asc; World War I (stone)
Whittington Wilbert F. Nov 24 1892 May 9 1976 PFC US Army; World War I (stone)
Whittington William 1863 1945 [husband of Alsie] (stone)
Willis Anna B. 1878 1919 Wife of Newt Willis (stone)
Willis Bertha C. July 15 1888 June 3 1910 Wife of Grover C. (stone)
Willis Eldon E. Feb 17 1909 Oct 2 1929   (stone)
Willis Elisha M. 1849 1920   (stone)
Willis Elizabeth D.   Aug 18 1898 wife of William Willis (stone)
Willis Enoch Newton Feb. 5, 1878 May 12, 1943   (stone)
Willis Enoch Newton Mar 21 1836 Feb 17 1923   (stone)
Willis Farley Sept. 9, 1905 Feb 12 1931   (stone)
Willis Francis E. 1853 1940   (stone)
Willis Grover C. Aug 14 1887 Jan 30 1915 Father of Harley E & Eldon (stone)
Willis Harley E. Oct 7 1906 May 29 1935   (stone)
Willis Infant Daughter 1919 1919 Infant Dau. of N. & A. B. Willis 1919 - 1919 (stone)
Willis John B. Feb 15 1890 Nov 4 1909 Son of E.N. & M.E. Willis (stone)
Willis Mary E. Dec 4 1852 Oct 31 1942   (stone)
Willis Nellie F. Aug 1876 Sep 6 1877 Dau of W R & L J Willis; 1 y 27 d (stone)
Willis Rebecca Mar 1889 Nov 22 1889 dau of Wm. and E. D. Willis; aged 23 y 8 m 21 d (stone)
Willis Wm. Fred 1878 1961   (stone)
Willis William M. July 10, 1813 Sept. 14, 1871 [Born in Grainger Co., TN; husband of Mary Ann Polly Seymour; married on Oct. 6, 1844 in Buchanan Co., MO]
Seymour Mary Ann Polly   Jan. 7, 1902 [Wife of William M. Willis]
Willis William R. Aug 29 1854 Oct 25 1916 62 y 1 m 27 d (stone)
Wisman Grayson Michael July 8 1979 Dec 29 1980 "Little Blue Eyes; We miss your sunshine in the mornings" (stone)
(unknown) Lillie H.     (dove on stone) (stone)
(unknown) Minnie?   ? 12, 1881 11 m 3 d (stone)
(unknown) (unknown)     [marble fragment, near Willis stones] ? ys 1 m 1 d; "____ my wife and children all; From you a father Christ doth call; Morn not for me, it is in vain; To call me to your sight again." (stone)
(unknown) (unknown)     [marble obelisk, near center of east side] (stone)

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